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Restructuring & Reorganization

CCFL PARTNERS works with the management team and financing sources to develop the business restructuring. The principals of CCFL PARTNERS have direct experience in financial and operational restructuring and can develop and implement solutions in difficult situations.


  • Oversee communications with the company’s lenders, other creditors and stakeholders.
  • Analyze the company’s operations and strategies, with emphasis on assessing relative contribution of the business units and/or products lines.
  • Lead, as required, the reorganization team and determine the best strategy and approach to preserve cash initially and to return to profitability thereafter.
  • Draft business plans and financial forecasts to implement the retained business strategy.
  • Develop the appropriate capital structure for the ongoing business and identify alternate sources of capital.
  • Develop and negotiate debt restructuring proposals with the company’s creditors and also with new sources of capital.
  • Consider and implement a legal reorganization, if required.