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Mergers & Acquisitions

CCFL PARTNERS, together with CCFL CAPITAL, levers its experience to help clients determine the right strategy and maximize value when considering Merger & Acquisition activities (“M & A”).

CCFL PARTNERS together with CCFL CAPITAL will:

  • Identify strategies to create value.
  • Search for, analyze, assess and finally rank the suitable acquisition or merger targets.
  • Undertake a financial valuation of the target business and together with the client, identify and quantify synergies to consider them in the pricing of the acquisition.
  • Map the strengths and weaknesses in collaboration with senior management.
  • Lead or support the client in the negotiations and provide advice on the terms and conditions for the optimal transaction structure.
  • Secure the financing for the transaction.
  • Provide ongoing guidance and hands on assistance as required in the post-acquisition integration phase, including the preparation of the integration plan.