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Financing - Debt & Equity

CCFL CAPITAL will validate the most suitable capital structure under the current market conditions and then arrange the financing based on the optimal terms available.


  • Determine the strengths and weaknesses of a client’s current capital structure.
  • Propose the optimal capital structure applicable to the client’s business plan.
  • Prepare the relevant information required to attract potential lenders or investors.
  • Identify potential lenders/investors both traditional and others such as venture capitalists, banks, financial institutions and private investors.
  • Manage all aspects of the marketing and solicitation process including due diligence, negotiations of terms and conditions, structuring and closing of the investment.

CCFL CAPITAL has in-depth understanding of Canadian and American sources of capital, including asset-based lending, operating lines of credit, term debt, subordinated debt, equity, and project finance. CCFL CAPITAL can open doors that a potential client may not have considered.