CCFL Partners - Focus on value, build on trust.


CCFL PARTNERS understands that divestitures may arise due to a variety of circumstances. However, the objective is always to generate the optimal value for the selling shareholders.


  • Review and comment on the range of values for the business.
  • Advise on the best divestiture process, considering timing and market conditions.
  • Consider tax and shareholder implications.
  • Prepare the divestiture memorandum and/or the corporate presentation.
  • Market the business and qualify potential acquirers.
  • Prepare management for due diligence by the potential acquirer of the business.
  • Participate in the negotiations of the letter of intent and definitive agreements.
  • Request CCFL CAPITAL to arrange the necessary financing.
  • Manage the overall process from initiation to closing of the divestiture.

CCFL PARTNERS manages all aspects of the divestiture process to ensure a highly competitive sale environment with minimal disruption to management and its operations.