CCFL Partners - Focus on value, Build on trust.

Focus on value, Build on trust.

Paul & Alain

Paul Lowenstein and Alain Dubé

From 1980 to 2000, Canadian Corporate Funding Limited was a leading provider of merchant banking services to Canadian mid-market corporations. Its former Chairman and Founder, Paul Lowenstein, and a former CCFL colleague, Alain Dubé, joined together in 2009 to launch CCFL PARTNERS, with its head office in Montreal, Canada.  CCFL CAPITAL was formed in 2010 and is licensed as an Exempt Market Dealer by the relevant securities commissions.

CCFL PARTNERS provides financial advisory services to mid-sized private and public companies.

CCFL CAPITAL is dedicated to raising capital for enterprises, principally in the Quebec market.  CCFL CAPITAL is an approved participant on the TSX PM, a private capital formation and secondary trading in securities in the exempt market in Canada. TSX PM is part of the TSX Group.

The partners have significant experience and bring a unique combination of corporate finance and advisory knowledge, complemented by hands-on operational experience at senior management levels.